My Favorite Go-To's

Oh boy, I think this list might be 100 long. For now I will stick with several of my top beauty go-to's. I have been making the switch to safer and cleaner beauty products. To say I am perfect, would be lying, but I am slowly converting my beauty products to ones that are less toxic. And you know what? I am finding out that less toxic does not mean less quality. In fact, I am discovering a new world where quality and safe intersect.


The Best Deodorant. Ever.

I have tried several non-antiperspirant sans aluminum, and I just about gave up my search. I had a really bad allergic reaction to a brand that rhymes with peekret, and I actually couldn't even wear ANYTHING for several months until my unsightly rash dissipated. I finally found the holy grail of deodorant that is not chock full of scary ingredients! I think you will love Native and I subscribe to receive the Sensitive Cotton and Lily every few months, and I will never go back. 


I am a Little Obsessed With This Lipstick

Gosh I love love love this lip color. I have tried many a lipsticks in my makeup artist career, and I love this creamy consistency. It almost goes on like a lip balm, but the color payoff is divine. It is perfect for work, perfect for date night, well perfect for just about anytime. It has a hint of peppermint and it lasts through my coffee, naps, and some kisses. 


Face Oil For the Win

You really need this in your life! We often hear messages that face oil promotes breakouts, run away from that notion. Face oil actually can help acne-prone skin. This gives my skin life, especially in the dead of winter. It has a lightweight texture that leaves your skin like buttah. It works great mixed in with your daily moisturizer, and it just gives your skin 'dat glow, baby glow!