Makeup tutorial

Let's make you the expert.

Learn the latest tips and techniques by booking a lesson. You will walk away feeling confident in using brushes, applying foundation, blending techniques and mastering those peepers.

Why a lesson? Let's mythbust for a sec...

Brush Techniques Can be Overwhelming

I pinky-promise you will be able to use all the brushes like a pro by the end of our lesson. I will show you basic techniques that you will be able to implement asap.

So Many Steps, So Little Time

I will break it down for you! We can even practice a five-minute face, that will get you polished and ready to go in less time that sandwich shop can deliver you lunch. Let's do this thang. 


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I Don't Know What To Use

Ahhh. I get this. There are just so many FUN products. It is easy to get distracted by the plethora of amazing beauty products the market churns out, but I help to cut through the clutter, and focus on what YOU need. We can keep it basic, or stretch out to more products if you feel comfortable. You are the driver, and I am just your behind the wheel instructor. 

I Just Want to Learn a Smoky Eye!

You know it all, don't you pretty lady? Are you a YouTube makeup tutorial master? Or maybe you have all your basic techniques down pat, but perhaps you want to learn a new trick. I can help with taking your game up a level. Let's get you ready for date night! 


Ashley Tramm Minnesota Makeup Artist

"Teaching women is my absolute favorite, and I can't wait to help you out. Let's get started today."

-Ashley Tramm, Owner and Makeup Artist