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Packing for a Beach Day

Packing for a Beach Day

Sweet, sweet summertime is here in Minnesota. We have been burdened with a long and harsh winter, and it finally truly feels like life is good. 

Now while we may only have a few short and precious months of warmth, the UV index in Minnesota can be quite high. Sunscreen is imperative to keeping burns at bay, and skin cancer away.

I have used many a sunscreen, but I have finally found one that protects against UVA and UVB and blue light, and it’s reef friendly! We may not live anywhere near the ocean, but when we travel south this will be a staple in my beach bag. So what else do I pack when heading to the lake? Here are my must-haves for the beach. 

So what is in my beach bag?

  1. Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley - A great read that offers so many reminders about striving for grace.
  2. Native Deodorant - Hands down the best cleaner deodorant I have used. I will be doing a longer post about this soon!
  3. Countersun Suncreen Mist - a light non-aersol sunscreen that is safe for my baby and me, with UVA, UVB and blue light protection.
  4. Lara Bar Minis - The perfect size snack for my little one, or me too!
  5. Rayban Sunglasses - An old classic staple
  6. Fouta - this Turkish towel is the best beach towel ever. It triples as a towel, blanket and/or scarf, and it dries super quick.
  7. Hydroflask - My husband's aunt lives on Maui, and she recommended me this water bottle. It keeps ice frozen and water cold for 24 hours. It's the best for hot days.

Looking to change up your skin care routine? I would love to help steer you in the right direction. Take the short skin care evaluation below, and I will send over my top recommendations for your skin concerns. Win-win!

The Unmasking

The Unmasking

Welcome, I am Really Happy You're Here

Welcome, I am Really Happy You're Here