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Let's Talk About Lips

Let's Talk About Lips

I love lip gloss. I love sheer lip color. I love rich lip color. I really love it all.  

I think what I really love about lip color is that it has the power to change your entire face with one swipe. You can go from a normal every day look and when you add that pop of color, your face can have new life.

I oftentimes think women play it safe when it comes to lipstick. Lipstick can be finicky - it can bleed and can smudge. But if women were to find the right formula, I really think attitudes towards lipstick would change.

The same goes towards gloss. I have always been a gloss-girl, but I don't enjoy the stickiness of some. Have you ever been in a convertible with your hair down and lip gloss on? It's probably the worst combination ever

One thing to consider when adding to your lipstick collection is does it have lead lingering in the formulation? Yes, I said LEAD, like the heavy metal. Did you know that many lipsticks contain lead? What?! Lead can lead to infertility, hormonal disruptions, neurotoxicity which can be linked to behavioral and cognitive changes. The FDA does not regulate the cosmetics industry, so many beauty brands don't follow a certain standard. While lead may introduced in lipsticks in trace amounts, I know I don't want anything near my mouth that can cause so many disruptions. 

So what should you look for in a lipstick formulation?

  • Find products with safe ingredients. Both W3LL PEOPLE and Beautycounter have high standards for the products they produce. Free from parabens, fragrance, pthalates, and other harmful ingredients, both of these brands strive for safer and cleaner beauty. 
  • Look for a labeled "long-wear" lipstick. Long wear lipsticks contain ingredients that are going to stand the test of your day. Between coffee and kisses, a long-wear will make it through some of life's certainties. Now, long-wears aren't necessarily a no-budge, and can move. No-budge lipsticks tend to be harsh, and staining. I prefer long-wear lip colors because while they last, you don't have to scrub your lips off to get the color off when you are done. 
  • Choose creamy formulas. Some lipsticks can be drying and matte, which can make the application difficult. Creamy formulas are more forgiving, and can be applied easier. I honestly believe that women who have experience messy and difficult lipstick may be turned off. I love these sheer lip colors, because they are forgiving, buildable, and really easy to apply. The formula is creamy, so it's a quick swipe and you're done. No fuss. 
  • When looking for a lip gloss, choose one that goes on smooth with none of the stick. I like this one and this one

Questions? I love to color match! If you are looking for the perfect shade for work, play or everyday, I would be more than happy to help you find your match. Let's connect below:

Want to see the Intense Lip Color in action? Watch the video below.

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