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The Unmasking

The Unmasking

When I was in college, I was that tanner. I loved the really deep, bronzed look, and I truly thought - I will never be thirty, and when I am I won't care about wrinkles. EEEEK! I wish I could go back and slap me silly. Gosh, how those years flew, and gosh how those wrinkles and sun damage tolled. 

I have always loved makeup, but it wasn't until recent years where I really began investing into my skin. Especially my face. I have tried it all. I have just about used every Bobbi Brown (I was a freelance Bobbi artist for years) product to date, Lancome, Clinique, Boscia, Peter Thomas Roth, Bliss, Philosophy, Rodan + Fields, etc. You get the idea. I have tried many things, all the things.

Part of my story, which I will just touch on in this post, is the diagnosis of endometriosis. My husband tried for a baby for several years, and I it wasn't until I finally underwent a laparoscopic surgery that it was determined that I did in fact have this disease. Once I was "cleaned" out, I decided to make some changes in what I was eating and what I was putting on my body. I swapped out my shampoo for Honest Co., I bought Acure Dry Shampoo, I switched over to "better face" wash. But honestly, the options were low. One of the main reasons that I also wanted to clean up my beauty routine, was the research I was hearing about chemicals in our products and how it affects endo. Take a peek at this excerpt from a medical article:

"Endometriosis is an estrogen dependent gynecologic disease with lasting implications for many women's fertility, somatic health, and overall quality of life.

Growing evidence suggests that endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) may be etiologically involved in the development and severity of disease.

We weigh the available human evidence focusing on EDCs and endometriosis, restricting to research that has individually quantified chemical concentrations for women, included a comparison group of unaffected women, and used multivariable analytic techniques.

Evidence supporting an environmental etiology for endometriosis includes metals/trace elements, dioxins, and other persistent organic pollutants, as well as nonpersistent chemicals, such as benzophenones and phthalates." - Endocrine disrupting chemicals and endometriosis

Here is the synopsis: endocrine disrupting chemicals are involved in the development of endometriosis, as well as the severity. And guess what? MANY of the products on the market contain these chemicals.

I am diligently trying to purge many of my let's be real, beloved beauty products, but I am on a mission to finding cleaner and safer products that I can use to help keep my disease at bay, but also keep my baby safe, too. 

One of my favorite safer and cleaner masks is this charcoal mask. It detoxes, refreshes the pores, allows for gentle exfoliation and helps improve skin clarity. 

One thing I know for certain is that heading towards safer beauty products can be done. It definitely can't happen overnight, but even small steps can help make a difference.

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