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10 Steps to Perfect Makeup

10 Steps to Perfect Makeup

I love a good staple, and since working from home since I had my daughter, I have wanted a simple and easy routine. I LOVE makeup. It has the power it has to to transform and build confidence. I also love good skin, and I wholeheartedly believe that any good makeup routine starts with healthy glowing skin. 

Photo by Rebecca Petersen Photography

Photo by Rebecca Petersen Photography

But let's talk makeup. That's why you're here! 

Simple Routines Make Life Easier

  1. First things first, I do my skin care routine. I will dive deeper into this later, but for now, just know it basically consists of a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and the icing on the cake, a delectable face oil.
  2. Concealer. Oh this touch-up pen is the HOLY GRAIL of my routine. I feel like I am alive and well when I pop this baby under my eyes. The appearance of under eye dark circles, puffiness and dullness really make your face feel tired, even when your not, but you probably are! Concealer is the secret agent in boosting your complexion and eliminating those signs of "I have not slept in years and I have too much on my plate" look. If anything, use concealer. It takes literally 30 seconds and you will feel more confident to take on the day. 
  3. Foundation. I really like foundation, and I always have. It makes me feel "put together" even when I feel like I am totally scattered, which I am going to be honest, I am totally scattered. I like light foundations versus ones with thick and heavy coverage. This foundation that I have been using is light, moisturizing, and contains hyaluronic acid to add plumpness to the face, and it is buildable. So if you like a fuller-coverage, this is such a great option. Foundation cuts the redness and ruddiness that our faces tend to have, so I like to even out the skin. 
  4. The bronzy, glowing and luminous step is next. And it is oh so good. I love a good bronzer because your face truly comes alive with some warmth and dimension. Bronzer is great for summer and winter, and every season in between because it just adds a touch of life. When we lay down the foundation, our skin tends to be flat, and so adding bronzer can add that extra dimension and life back into the skin. 
  5. Blush up those cheekers. Blush enhances those cheek bones and gives you a pinch or a flush of color to add youthfulness to the skin. When you look at a baby or a little one, they naturally have those flushed cheeks and warmth to the skin. This is why they look so cute and adorable and young! We lose that as we grow older, so adding that pop of color creates that youthful look.
  6. The next step is optional only if you want to look dewy and glowy. I like to add a highlight along the top of the cheekbone, along the eyebrow bone, the cupid's bow and a touch on the bridge of my nose. It adds a luminous effect when you want to take it up notch. I always use highlight on my brides and bridesmaids because when the light hits their faces, it just adds the prettiest effect.
  7. Eyeshadow. I think people complicate this step. If you watch YouTube videos, eyeshadow can be a very complex and elaborate chain of events. But my goal is to simplify and make it easy, not scary. I keep it simple. Either an eyeshadow with light wash of color along the lid with a darker crease color. The other option is to keep the color at the base of the lash, and work up. 
  8. Eyeliner and mascara. I like to framer the eyes with a touch of liner and a pop of mascara. This just pulls everything together.
  9. The BROWS. Brows are super important because they really frame the entire face. I use a brow pencil to fill in any sparse hairs and shape them up
  10. Lip color is the final touch to polish your look. Whether it a gloss or a lipstick, it can create the mood of your face. Whether the color is punchy or demure, this final step completes the face.

If you are wanting a quick and easy routine, this Flawless in Five set makes getting ready so fast.

It may seem like so many steps, but I promise, you can nail this routine in five to ten minutes. When you are focusing on a more complicated eye look, that can add time. But for a simple and quick face, you can get this routine down in under ten minutes. 

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